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Sergio Adler

Mike Ajnsztajn

Rafael Belmonte

Founder of ACE Startups
CEO at Wurzburg
Founder of Netshow.me

Serial entrepreneur and angel investor with an extensive international experience, Mike founded and sold companies in different industries and countries. He is member of several angel groups in the USA since 2007, co-founder of ACE, co-founder and CEO of Zuppa, Astralis and Blowtex. Graduated with a degree in Business Administration from FGV.

Serial entrepreneur and investor in the digital area, with over 30 years of experience. Founder of BPS- Business Presentation Service, Fotoprint, Colorplus, Principal in Brazil, Sharp Distribuidora and Allasia (USA). Since 2011 he has been an angel investor and actively participates in the development of companies in the e-commerce area.

Serial entrepreneur, with experience in Venture Capital and Private Equity. Founder of Netshow.me, GVAngels, GVentures and Vice President of ABS - Associação Brasileira de Startups. Highlighted by Forbes among the "30 under 30" most innovative people changing Brazil's future. 

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Patricia Garcia

Venture Capitalist

Co-founder and CMO of Birdie. Arizona partner, One Young World ambassador in Brazil and angel investor in startups from different sectors. Graduated in Business Administration from FGV-EAESP and in Law from USP, she is a coach® certified by SBC and has experience with internationalization of companies, B2B marketing & sales, SaaS and e-commerce.


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Wlado Texeira

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Fábio Flaksberg

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Jad Antoun

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Ricardo Fogaça

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Kim Machlup



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William Cordeiro

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Felipe Long

Executive Director
Investment analyst
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Ethel Berdugo

Marketing & Events

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