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You will be redirected to Gust and must fill out all the requested information.  ​
Your company will then be evaluated by our Selection Committee and the next steps will be communicated by email.

Event Schedule

Stay on top of our agenda, get organized and don't miss the opportunity to present your project to a selection of experienced and curious investors!



Tips to stand out in the Selection process:


A) Updated Deck :

send an updated deck with company information  in PDF form  (document from 10 to 20 slides):


1. Problem: Description of the customer's pain and how the company solves it - concept and key elements.

2. Product overview: what the company does, to whom, and why it is attractive. If you have a Demo, send access data.

3. Main Stakeholders: summary curriculum of the founders including startup roles, professional and academic experience; key team members, and key consultants with professional experience and industry experience.

4. Market opportunity: market size, growth characteristics, segmentation.


5. Competitive landscape: competitors and competitive resource sets, plus competitive advantages

startups (which will help the startup make competition irrelevant).


6. Go-to-Market Strategy: how the company will sell its product, in detail, including about how much it will cost to build that sales engine.


7. Development phase: product development, customer acquisition, partner relationships, whether you already have MVP or are under construction. Show the evolution of traction or customer acquisition, if any.


8. Critical Risks and Challenges: what can go wrong and how the company plans to manage it.


9. Financial Projections: Income Statement and Balance Sheet for the last 3 years (if any) and future projections for 24 months.


10. Exit Options: likely buyer categories, reasons, list of specific likely buyers and comparable to valuation multiples (if any).


11. Investment requirements: how much the company is raising, how the company will use the funds and  what milestones you hope to reach. Main goals to be achieved in the next 6, 12 and 24 months.


12. If the company has previously received investment: how much, from whom and what percentage committed, detail whether it was convertible loan or direct equity, send the updated cap table.

B) 3-minute video:


A 3-minute video featuring (i) the founders; (ii)  the business model;  and (iii) the startup's development stage.